Vitor Santana

Designer / Managing Partner

Co-Founder and Project Manager.

Master in skill multiplication in the most varied areas, he is our handyman.

Addictions: Absolute observance of the working schedule – for the good and for the bad :).

Argues that projects – alike culinary – must benefit from a “simmering” period.

Graduated in Communication Design – Multimedia Technologies from ESAD (Caldas da Rainha).

Gonçalo Santos

Designer / Managing Partner

Co-Founder & Creative Director.

Splits his time between the Corporate Identity and Marketing areas.

Addictions: Typing – argues that a good use “blank spaces” is the key.

His ideal publication would be in A2 format and have only two words and an exclamation point.

Arriving on time in the morning is complicated, but he always comes up with an amazing excuse.

Graduated in Communication Design – Multimedia Technologies from ESAD (Caldas da Rainha).

André Ascensão


One of the first people we have met in the web development area, not being dramatically fanatic about zeros and ones. In fact, he’s a box full of surprises, always giving reasoned opinions in what concerns design – he did well when he mentioned the “blank areas”.

The (new) Master André – we have had another in the past – is running the “house”, rising or elevating himself – doing justice to his last name ‘Ascensão’ (Ascension).

Graduated in Computer Engineering from FCT-UNL

Raquel Silva


The friendly Raquel hides a multi-task ability only justified by being a woman. Illustrator, good hand trait, reserved and punctual, Raquel has in her contagious laughter an argument of good disposition.

Degree in Communication Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Univ. of Lisbon.

Svetlana Pastukhova aka (Lana)


Heads-up! We are internationalizing the team. Svetlana already has a nickname – Lana for her friends, and for everyone who can’t write her name. A Russian with a British manner, who doesn`t dispense her five o’clock tea and who presents herself with a “brasilhenho” accent.

Graduated in Graphic Design at Saint Petersburg Art and Industry Academy.