Hospital Garcia de Orta
The values of a brand must be emotional and representative of the structure and surroundings of the institution it represents. Perhaps that is why it is so difficult to redesign an identity. Rebranding always implies a total delivery from agency to the client, especially to an entity with 30 years of existence. It is crucial to understand how it works, to respect the past in order to enhance the future. It even has the ability and power to moralize teams, clarify the business, and even make the entity more transparent and accessible. For the Hospital Garcia de Orta E.P.E. it was essential to keep its connection and proximity to the Tagus River. To humanize the brand, we represented the elements in a heart shape, giving it a new life. Co-authored with the Board of Directors, the phrase that accompanies the logo speeds up the perception of the brand’s path, positioning it in the market – The reference to the South.
estacionário HGO