Baía do Tejo

To define a new identity for Baía do Tejo – a new look for a historic entity. An image must be sufficiently strong to break with the former perception of the general public regarding the company. We have created an illustration that specifically represents what we want to communicate as “The world of Baía do Tejo”. The non-use of photographic elements enables a wider graphic and conceptual freedom. Geometric shapes based on the urban mesh, and that will subsequently be used in the logo, constitute Baía do Tejo’s environment. The created landscape represents everything that makes the company, but more than that, everything the company has to offer. The goal of the “world of Baía do Tejo” is to sell a dream, the potentiality of its plots, the corporate and investing potential. Baía do Tejo sub-brands must show the graphic unity and cohesiveness between the several centres..